Archer C7 v4 support

Yeah - thanks. I didn't know that. And now I believe my device is bricked. Oh well...

The de-bricking procedure for the Archer C7 v1/v2 might also work with the v4. Basically, the system has a built-in restoration mode that, when invoked, uses TFTP to download and flash a new firmware file from a specific IP address.

Yeah, so I did that. Apparently I am too stupid to configure LEDE easily in command line.
So using tftp I could revert to the stock firmware. At least the router is working now...


I have had that feeling several times when working with LEDE, but if you can manage a TFTP restore you can manage to install a developmental snapshot and then add the web interface. It is as simple as connecting via SSH to the device and running the following two commands:

opkg update
opkg install luci

You will then have a functional web interface, from which you can make any other changes you like.

PS. I prefer to use opkg install luci-ssl, which enables a HTTPS web interface.

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Latest snapshot results in my LED behaving oddly. even with 1 cable connected into the LAN all led are solid on and dont blink when there is traffic activity.

Working here but I note ping times > 100ms when ~20 was typical with stock. Throughput is fine in transfer tests, maybe better than stock, so it is just a latency issue.

5Ghz radio will not go above Bitrate: 6 Mbit/s either, but 2.4Ghz is working fine.

i got this too
i was thinking that LED wasn't supported since modifying the LED configurations don't really change anything

Also is anyone having trouble with 802.11r, i get the issue that when the client tries to roam it fails and disconnects

Hi guys, I've:

  • flashed the most recent firmware snapshot;
  • connected via ssh to the ac1750;
  • configured the lan connection;
  • "opkg update", "opkg install ppp-mod-pppoa" and "opkg install luci-ssl";
  • connected the RJ11 to the internet port;
  • configured a pretty much standard pppoa connection with username and password for an italian ISP (the defaults for VPI and VCI are good)...

...but it doesn't seem to connect (nothing related seems to be in the logs): just to be sure not to bash my head against this uselessly (first-time lede user here), has anyone, by any chance, tried pppoa connections with this firmware?
P.S. forgot to say that I'm trying this setup in parallel with a working router.

The archer c7 is a router only not a modem. So you can only connect ethernet cables to it (RJ45) what you can do is put your modem into 'bridge' mode and connect an ethernet cable from the LAN port of the modem to the WAN port of the router

ah, ok, I had it completely wrong! thanks for the clarification!

Hi! Thank you all for the great advances you've done here. It's much appreciated. I have some questions, if you don't mind... So, I've given a look at the C7 V4 PCB images here:

I understand the external antennas are used for the 5GHz radio, yet I don't see any PCB antennas for the 2.4GHz radio, or internal antennas like in the C7 v2? Are the antennas shared between both radios in this revision?

How would you rate 2.4GHz radio range and wall penetration on this unit? I have a >5 yr old 1043ND v1.8 that I'd like to replace while of course adding 5GHz n+ac support. (The one with the buggy radio, as much magic *wrt/LEDE have done for this thing can't stand the ocassional wifi crash anymore)

Would you say these initial snapshots are ok for configuring this revision as a simple WDS AP+router+firewall out of the box until the next 18.x official images are out?


You mean 5.0 ghz band is not working properly yet?

does anyone having problem on 802.11s with radio0? 2.4 works fine though.

My 5Ghz 802.11ac works, but I'm not impressed with the throughput or the lag. Something is not set quite right.

If Archer C7 v4 supports Qualcomm Fast Path (as my Archer C7 v2 does), the router will improve a lot concerning speed/lag... I think v4 should be supported by Fast Path, but I'm not an expert.

Take a look here: Qualcomm Fast Path For LEDE

Current build missed some local id's (my RU version for example).
I am not familiar with Git, so please add full bunch of local id's to tplink-safeloader.c

.id = "ARCHER-C7-V4",
		.support_list =
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:00000000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:41550000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:45550000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:4B520000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:42520000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:4A500000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:52550000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:54570000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:55530000}\n"
			"{product_name:Archer C7,product_ver:4.0.0,special_id:43410000}\n",
		.support_trail = '\x00',
		.soft_ver = "soft_ver:1.0.0\n",

Where did you get this id list?

So, my RU router don't accept current snapshot, but allows to flash dd-wrt & I searched string "Archer" in firmware file. As result: my original RU firmware has codes: special_id:00000000, special_id:52550000; current Lede snapshot 45550000&55530000&43410000. Original KR version has 4B520000.

And current DD-wrt has all list that above.

I edited tplink-safeloader.c, rebuild image. and finally flashed Lede. All this because even in recover mode router not accept firmware with wrong regional id.

These are simply ASCII codes for the country code (4B 52 = "KR", 52 55 = "RU", 43 41 = "CA", etc). I suppose one could put all the two-letter country codes into the build so that it wouldn't matter where they sell them next.