Archer C7 v4 slow

I have an old TL-WR1043N/ND v1 runnig LEDE 17 and it's working fine with my 120Mbit/s internet connection.
I just gor a new Archer C7 v4 and installed same LEDE.....but I can't get more than 80Mbit/s on wired connection!
Is there anything that I should changed to get a better speed?

Both tests are made using wired connection (and more than one test)

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i actually blamed my ISP :wink: I moved into a different apartment with very long and twisted fiber lines retrofitted into an old building. I never bother checking the router. My focus is on MT7621/7628 targets at the moment.

However if you need someone to do some additional testing don’t hesitate to ask.