Archer c7 v4 europe (not uk)


I want this router because it have 2 USB and detachable dual band antenna

Do you know where I can buy it in europe with french or german electrical outlet

I can only find archer c7 v4 for uk or us plug

I guess archer c7 v4 and v3 have the same dual band antenna and 2 USB right ?

I searched on priceminister and ebay but nothing on amazon the version isn't mentionned so I will probably get the last version (archer c7 v5)

You'll probably only find c7 v5 these days (afaik with non-detachable antennas), but you can find faster/ better ipq40xx devices (e.g. AVM Fritz!Box 4040 or ZyXEL NBG6617) for around the same amount of money (slightly cheaper).

Thank you @slh
What mean "ipq40xx devices" ? and how have you found those related devices ?

I really prefer TP-Link devices over others

I guess the archer c7 v3 also have dual band detachable antenna

ipq40xx is an ARMv7/ cortex A7 based SOC family (IPQ4018, IPQ4019, IPQ4028, IPQ4029), which is newer and faster (four >=638 MHz cores instead of a single 750 MHz core, newer wave2 wlan) than the ar71xx/ ath79 mips_24kc SOC used in the Archer c7. The particular devices I've suggested are available, supported by OpenWrt, relatively easy to flash and have enough flash/ RAM (32 MB flash/ 256 MB RAM; you really need >=256 MB RAM for good performance with ath10k).

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Ok I know nothing about this, what other devices can you suggest to me please, i'm not a pro about openwrt or ARM stuff I only want to use my VPN :upside_down_face:

I need something with dual band detachable antenna, minimum 16MB HDD and good connectivity


Aside from detachable antennas, the suggested ipq40xx devices meet and supersede those requirements (and especially for VPN uses they will be better than the archer c7).

The ZyXEL only have one USB, how did you find those devices so I can do it myself

Cross reference with - do read the flashing instructions and hints about different hardware revisions sporting different hardware before and discard devices with 128 MB RAM or less.

Nice trick thank you

As the Archer C7 goes, do not buy a V3 it is not supported. V2 is OK but of course will only be found secondhand. In the V2 V4 or V5 you could buy a foreign model and replace the power supply with one that fits your wall outlet. The power input to the V4 is 12 volts DC with a very standard 5.5/2.1 mm plug. This is likely also the case with the V5.

I can get one with UK plug, however if I get one power supply with 12volts and more ampere than requiered is this bad or not ?

The power supply requiered is the same as other archer c7 version ? 12V and 2A ?

Are there any other compatibility issue if I buy one archer c7 not for europe ?

what about the archer C2600 guys ?

I think they shipped with a 2.5 amp supply. Power supply with more amps will be OK, it will just be underutilized. If you aren't plugging anything heavy into the USB ports, 1.0 A is enough.