Archer c7 v2 split radios: 2.4GHz client; 5GHz master (AP)?

Hello Peops,

Is it possible to split the radios between client and access point (master)?

I thought it would be possible from the LuCI Wireless page - but, after setting up the 2.4GHz radio as a client (wwan) the 5GHz radio always reports that it's 'disabled' even after hitting the 'enable' button and that button has switched to showing 'disable.'

This seems such an obvious configuration that if it were possible, then I would have thought I'd have found a how-to - but I've found none. If there's something under my nose, apologies; otherwise, confirmation it isn't possible would help me stop flogging this particular dead horse?


Scratch that - I've rebooted and the 5GHz is up as an AP with 'Mode: Master'.

Exspecially on the C7, the radios sometimes take very long until they come up after changes; so that could have been what you experienced.

The two radios do operate independently.

If you're using a DFS channel on 5 GHz you have to wait out the radar check (usually 60 seconds) before the AP will start up after restarting wireless. It isn't possible to restart only the 2.4 radio by itself.

Make sure to set the country code on both radios to your country for best wifi performance. By default with no code set, they will only do the limited set of what is legal in all countries.


I think the radio can be start/stop independently

wifi down [radio0|radio1]
wifi up [radio0|radio1]

If you're using a DFS channel on 5 GHz you have to wait out the radar check (usually 60 seconds)

Yes, I can confirm this, I have been puzzled too. With non DFS channels radio comes up instantly though.

Hi, Thanks all for the feedback and info. I don't run many clients and everything's been up, running and stable for the past couple of days.

This is (probably) because you replaced the WPAD-package.
You should reboot after removing the old one, and a second time when installing the new.