Archer C7 v2 or v4 as router


today I bought an Archer C7 and got v2 from Amazon. I already own an Archer C7 v4 which is my current main router. The new Archer C7 will be only used as an Access Point and Ethernet switch for the second floor. But I'm wondering if it would be better to use the v2 as main router and the v4 as Access Point. It seems that the v2 has two NICs but the v4 has only one. But on the other hand the wireless performance on 2,4 GHz seems better on the v4 which is more important in the rooms covered by the main router.

So I really don't know what device I should use as router. Are the two NICs better for Internet performance or have they some other adventages?

I hope somebody can help me.

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Edit: They're both EU versions, if that's important.

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If you're running 200 Mb or higher ISP speeds, the single core MIPS CPU found in either one becomes the limiting factor. So the port configuration isn't a big deal.

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The v4 has a slightly better CPU but the v2 is already available as ath79 target with 4.14 kernel and flow offload support. I've measured nearly 940mbit WAN to LAN throughput with flow offload enabled.

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An Archer C7 v2 will handle 300-400 Mbps through the CPU without bandwidth shaping (SQM, for example).

The v4 is slightly more faster, but not a big difference in practice. As @IronicSven points out, offloading NAT to the switch chip can make a huge difference if you're pushing much more than a couple hundred Mbps. Past the current development status of v2 vs. v4, they're just about the same from a performance standpoint.

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Thank you for the answers.

My internet isn't fast enough to get the devices to their limit so I will just keep the v4 as the main router.

The v2 is faster. It has an extra CPU port.

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