Archer C7 v2 - Installing OpenWrt 18.06 directly from DD-WRT

I just bought a TP-Link Archer c7 v2, EU version with dd-wrt v3.0 already installed. But I would like to install OpenWrt to enjoy also the package collection.
A quick google research gives me this:
Since this aricle is a bit outdated (from 2013), I decided to read more about the steps and found the following links:

  1. httpss://

  2. httpss://

  3. httpp://

The first link is about the webrevert file in order to install back the original firmware. No problem here. But then, the second link learned me that TP-Link included some filechecker so as to stop the possibility to install third-party firmware on their products. But also that the serial number first four must be greater than 215C (Mine starts with 215B). So I found this third link which provides a original TP-Link firmware but without this filechecker.

As you might expect I'm kinda lost now what procedure should I follow in order to get OpenWrt installed on my router. I would greatly appreciate someone telling me the steps to follow in my case.

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I'm not sure why you're lost...did you flash the OpenWrt image on the web GUI, yet?

Did it work?

From my readings, I have concluded that it is not possible to flash directly from dd wrt to openwrt. Thus, I need to go back first with the original firmware. My question is:

Do I need to take the original firmware from Tp-Link or the stripped firmware linked to the first post?