Archer C7 v2 and Virgin Media Hub 3 - Internet coming through lan as opposed to wan?

Hi all. Just setup my router with the latest build of OpenWRT. All seems to work fine but I'm a little confused with the web interface.

I followed the beginners guide and have setup my wifi etc. But it appears as though my internet is coming through my C7's lan port as opposed to WAN. Maybe this screenshot helps figure out what my 'problem' is?

I say 'problem' because I have connected to the internet, just not sure if I've done it correctly. My C7 is connected to my Hub 3 via an ethernet cable, with the cable going into the port labelled 'internet' on the C7 (supposedly the wan port?)


Why do you think that? The WAN port has your public IP (I'd delete the image btw, you don't want to go advertising your IP unnecessarily) and the LAN port has a private IP, which is as it should be.

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Crap. I can't delete it. Restarted my PC since sending this.

But, provided you saw the image, there's nothing more for me to do?

Nothing obviously wrong. The WAN and LAN details looked as they should for using a SuperHub 3 in modem mode.

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