Archer C7 v2: 5GHz radio only works on channel 36 w/ 80MHz width

I am unable to get the 5ghz radio to start by using any setting other than 80Mhz on channel 36. I have tried a variety of other supported channel width/channel configurations and the radio always fails to start. Setting the channel selection to 'auto' also causes the radio to fail to start (which is well documented around the web).

At the very least I am seeking other Archer C7 v2 users that have successfully gotten their routers to work on other channels. I have a ton of congestion in my condo complex on channel 36 and I would like to use literally any other channel.

Archer C7 v2 works fine on any "valid" combination of channel and bandwidth. They aren't independent, and I don't have a chart showing which ones are valid and which are not.

DFS will push most users off the DFS channels, unless you're in the middle of nowhere, and there aren't any military bases or airports within a hundred or two kilometers from your middle of nowhere.

@anon_openwrt, see charts here: