Archer C7 "Switch" LEDs -- Override "Self-blinking"?

Poking around on my Archer C7 v2, I can get the "Sun" and the "Yin-Yang" LEDs to respond very quickly, such as to incoming traffic on a specific interface.

However, the five LEDs that are associated with the switch ports seem to have a "blinker" behind them that masks/ands with the trigger so that, for example, the fine level of detail that I can see on the yin-yang light is lost.

Before I dive down to the GPIO driver level, is this a "feature" of these five LEDs, perhaps as they are driven by the switch chip itself?

Looks like even writing directly to brightness (with trigger as none) is "masked" as well. The following Python 3 script (to get sub-second delay) shows the "writes" happening quickly with an argument of 0.1, but the light still flashes slowly and irregularly, "skipping a beat" every 4 or 5 blinks (which are happening about once a second).

import time
import sys
import os

delay = float(sys.argv[1])

while True:
    os.system("echo 0 > brightness")
    os.system("echo 255 > brightness")