Archer C7 - no WAN IP after Power off


yesterday i power off my router for testing purpose. After the test i put the router back and cable it on.

Since this im not able to get an IP Adresse from my cable modem.
I try to

  • power off all
    -- power on cable modem (wait)
    -- power on Router
  • same procedure without any cables and put back WAN cable after power is on

sitting without internet

Putting the cable direct into my computer: All fine

I've had one C7 where wan port burned out within two weeks of me receiving it.
Try flashing back to stock (beware of the _boot inclusive files tho). If it still doesn't work it's a HW issue and you should contact vendor for warranty replacement.

Have one of the first warranty or so :smiley:

On my NAS i have a original FW wthout bootloader. Hope that works. Linksys Ac1200? Should be OK....dont tell it my wife :wink: :smiley: