Archer C7 frequently crashes during high load


I have archer c7 1750 (latest OpenWrt 19.07.4) and like OpenWrt much. I use flow offloading (700/300 can be achieved on a 1Gb/1Gb line) and wireguard mainly, ~40 DHCP clients (wired and wifi mixed, behind switches and APs), nothing special.

Issue is, that the torrent box behind the router is trying it's best with up/downloading with max. 30MB/sec, and the router fails to operate. LEDs blink, but wifi and wired connections are lost. After restart, there is a short period of operation and crash again.
If I reduce torrent speed to around 8MB/sec, it stays mostly stable.

Is it a performance boundary? How can I increase speed without losing stability? How to determine, what is the root cause of the crashes? Thanks in advance!

Workaround: State of Archer C7 v2 in mid-2020

Thank you for the info - i will implement watchdog. Although my wireless is 5Ghz, which is doing mess...

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