Archer C7 C1750 V5

I bought a Archer C7 AC 1750 v5 I knew that openwrt supported that version what I found later was that the image was very small and didn't come with luci I have successfully installed the image and luci I need you now what are the packages I need to install so he can look more like version 2 which the image is 15 megabytes

@lleo, welcome to the community!

  • Please use punctuation, it's hard to determine breaks in thought; or if you're asking questions.
  • If you installed a Snapshot release, they do not include the LuCI web GUI.
  • Can you be more clear?
  • What packages, what are you trying to install?
  • Version 2 of what?
  • Why do you need your image to be 15 megabytes in size?
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If you are out of space and "can't live without" all those packages, you should consider building or assembling your own image. Packages that are part of the ROM take up roughly half of what they would if installed later.

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Only the "factory" images are 15 MB in size. They are mostly empty space in order for the factory flashing process to work with them. They contain the same packages as the "sysupgrade" image of the same build.

The 18.06.2 release image is recommended for general use, unless 5 GHz performance is super important to you. Then the ath79 snapshot build may be preferable.

18.06.2 image:


If you mean what packages to install in order to have LuCI, then you do the following form SSH:

opkg update 
opkg install luci 
/etc/init.d/uhttpd start 
/etc/init.d/uhttpd enable

If you already installed LuCI and the router is doing whaever you want it to do then you don't need ot worry about other packages. If you arem issing osme functionality then you could say what's that you wnat to do and people will tell you what packages you need for that. There isn't one-size-fit-all here, or otherwise what's the point of open source!

Actually for Archer C7 V4 and V5, the factory images of 18.06.02 seems to be around 4 MB, for some reason.

I think he means like Archer C7 V2.

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yes i mean Archer C7 V2.

OK you didn't really answer the questions. Did you have LuCI installed? Is there any functionality you are missing?

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