Archer C7 broke down after OpenWrt

yesterday i installed openWrt on my Archer C7 via Firmware update. After that, i've done the update to the newest version of open Wrt.
Now the Router didn't came up again. It blinks periodaical. Nothing helps. No connectivity possible wia ethernet cable.. what can i do ??

Please help

What specific actions did you take?

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Is it possible to call you? Or can we meet in MS Teams or something like this?

Thx a lot

Is there any possibility to get in touch with the router? if i want to access via browser nothing happens. and the router blinks like alle leds are blinking

tftp recovery, or serial.

What means serial ?

serial port @ 3.3v.

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Nope. But you can tell us what steps you went though and we can advise based on that information.