Archer C7 Barrier Breaker

Thanks for the quick reply, i'm so anxious because the auction is closing soon. By the way, is it possible to use vpn on those newer release? I have dir835 and tried installing softether in 18.06 and im having an error saying incompatible architecture but when i install barrier breaker it worked. Im replacing this just because 5ghz cannot achieve the max connection of our internet speed.

Anyway, if there's anyone can still confirm about S/N 2143XXXX if its going to work with barrier breaker please help me. Thanks!

Barrier Breaker is a very old version of OpenWrt, and you shouldn't install it. Current release is 18.03.

As for VPN speed, that depends on your internet speed. If you do some search, you will see that you should expect something around 10 or 15 mbps max for OpenVPN. Wireguard is said to give better speeds. I'm not using a VPN, so I can't confirm.

I have Archer C7 but it's 216B.

Auctions don't come ad go. Unless you are getting it for a real bargain, don't buy if you are not sure it's the one you want. There will be another chance. I got mine for $23 form ebay including delivery

They are solid devices, just generally overpriced for what they can offer by now - both new and used (and I'd put 25 USD at the upper end of what I'd be willing to pay for a used one, but they regularly sell in excess of 35 EUR).

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OpenWrt 18.06.2 supports all known hardware variants of the TP-Link Archer C7 v2, I cannot vouch for 12.09/ Barrier Breaker (and you shouldn't use it under any circumstances!).


The serial number issue was because TP-Link changed to a slightly different flash memory chip at that point, and the old builds did not recognize that chip. That has been fixed a long time ago.

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Thanks for all your feedbacks. Is there any router model would you recommend? I'm not going to restrict myself anymore to barrier breaker as I saw softether from 17.06 packages. I will try that one if that works but for 18.0X i cannot find softether anywhere. Is there any other way to install softether to my router under 18.0X?

Where are you located? (Price varies greatly in different markets)

What speed do you get from your ISP?

Is the 10-20 mbps one can typically get from 2.4 GHz N sufficient?

What is your budget?

I'm from AU, and I'm getting around 23MBps from my ISP. I only like to maximize my 5ghz plus with the capability of VPN. My current router only does not give the maximum speed with 5ghz when at home that is why im looking to buying this one.

For VPN, i normally use it when im travelling so i could still access my pc from home and transfer my files. Also being used to play with my sister from a different country with LAN games

I don’t know prices there, but VPN at over ~10 mbps really pushes the capabilities of single-core, MIPS-based routers. Some of the multi-core, ARM-based routers start at below US$100 and would be what I’d look at myself. The ipq40xx, ipq80xx, and mvebu units would be on my short list.

Amazon US sometime offers “refurbished” units like the WRT32X at US$100. There may be similar offers for you. (That is just an example. I do not one have personal experience with it.)

Edit: If you’re only VPN-ing in to your own router, Wireguard is an option that many people find robust and secure enough for their needs with much lower CPU requirements than OpenVPN. You should be able to get your 25 mbps line rate on a MIPS-based router if your budget doesn’t permit an ARM-based unit.

Edit: Here's a list (and the posts following) of "interesting" units from a member whose opinion I value. (Ignore the title, as the thread was about more than that initial question):

I'm going to leave your Wireguard questions to someone who uses it regularly.

Thanks for giving me an option. I already saw that wireguard which is based on p2p i believe. If im connected to it, would i be able to access my files at home pc when i'm away? Like browsing folders? And is there already windows client support at the moment?

If you know any tutorial how to set it up, can you please share it or point me where to go?

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Thanks for the link mbo2o. I already came across with that page and will give it a go. Do you know if wireguard has an option for client to connect without certificates? Just username password and maybe pre-shared key?

Also if there's anyone out there who can confirm if v2.0 with serial number 2143XXXX is going to work with barrier breaker please let me know. Thanks!

Barrier Breaker shouldn’t be run on anything. Period. Current releases support Archer C7v2 units.


Excuse me Jeff but I came here to look for answers and not to be told by anyone what to do. I did not came here for fight so if you are not going to help me find answer that's fine but im considering some options here. Have you came across of neorouter free? Free version only supports barrier breaker the reason why im asking.

Archer C7 seems to be very popular now because of openwrt :slight_smile:
It made me replace my higher spec'd AC68 and I do not regret it, it also brought my older RT-N16 back from the dead as well so now I have my RT-N16 and my C7 running as my 2 managed switches on my network, with the C7 also as my AP, using VLAN's very happy.

C7's are not as cheap as 20-30usd used in the UK, I got mine for £45, but for a 5 gigabit port device with AC wireless that works on open source software I consider it pretty decent value. But am curious what devices are also budget price and are more powerful, as the only issue I have is I consider the C7 not a nice looking device, feels and looks cheap. Its so lightweight my cat 6 cables were lifting it off the desk, I had to blutak it down. :slight_smile:

iirc, the kernel update that supported the updated flash in the C7V2 arrived in CC.

Well, technically he didn't tell you what to do; he told you what to not do. In fact, everybody did.

There is a real risk in running an outdated firmware, as it would be prone to recently discovered vulnerabilities. In my humble opinion, Neorouter free isn't a good reason to sacrifice security. It's actually shame on them to make the free version this way.

Make that “well known, long established, severe”. Doesn’t it strike you as a bit of an oxymoron that a supposed security company requires you to run on a Linux kernel that is known to be insecure and has been out of support for years??

Don't take it personally, this is a forum not a private chat. So someone mentioning pitfalls could be useful or important to others even if they don't apply to you.

Dont worry im not taking it personally, i was thinking that he is the one starting. Because he was ending the conversation just that. If only my main question was answered whether it is unsecure or not and then followed up by an explanation would look nice. Not just saying its not secure period. Where's the answer to my question there?

Hmm maybe your right on there jeff, ok i will not test that vpn anymore. I will just spend time studying wireguard over the weekend. Thanks for the info! :slightly_smiling_face: