(Archer C6v3) Wifi names changed from wlanX to phyX-apX

Hi everyone, I have build several new images over the course of the 22.03. stable releases and in the new images with Master branch the wifi names have changed. Where it was wlan0 before, it now is phy0-ap0. Where can I find info on this change, why it happened and if this can be customized at all during image building or afterwards.

There are no errors or issues due to this change but for consistency reasons I'd like to keep the old naming if possible.

Model: Archer C6v3
RLS: 22.03.2
Branch: Master
Image build: today

Thanks in advance!

You can set option ifname wlanXY in your config wifi-iface sections to enforce an alternative naming.


Thank you, I misread the DSA changes to interface config (ifname being replaced) as applicable to wifi config as well somehow.

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