Archer C60 v3 Wireless limit of 100mbps

Hello there

I have an Archer C60 v3 running OpenWRT 19.07.7, everything is OK, 2,4ghz, 5ghz etc

I made a test using iperf3 on a notebook and a smartphone connected over 5ghz, both seeing the advertised speed of 433/433mbps, yet iperf3 tests never passes 100mbps

The archer has 5 physical ports, one WAN and 4 LAN that are 10/100mbps

Could it be that the physical port limit of 100mbps affects wireless transfer?


yes, if you have wan(access) through ethernet port.


Well, that explains it, the archer is configured as a dumb ap with one of the Lan ports connected to a 1gbps switch

So if I want higher wireless speed transfers, I need a router with gigabit ports correct?


correct assessment.

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What I do not know.
If we connect a 1 lan port and 1 wan port, in the lan ports of the isp router, they can be added together to now have a limit of 200 mbps.

it's possible?

vlan = lan port + wan port
or with mwan3, i think

Can't add them together 100 + 100 will still max out at 100mbit, but the maximum throughput will be 200.

It's link aggregation.

And with mwan3 ?

No idea, if mwan3 could be used as a load balancer, then perhaps it could work.

But I think it'll max out at 100 anyway, it'll probably not be capable of splitting traffic from one source/IP across two interfaces.

AP with multi wan(access)

with different interface, mac address and ip (private ip)
maybe :thinking:

The CPU port (switch side) of this router is most likely limited to 100 MBit/s anyways.


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