Archer C60 V2 Firmware Upgrade Failure

Hi, I am trying to install OpenWrt on my old Archer C60 V2 Build 20161206 rel.54846. I am installing the firmware from the routers GUI and get an error saying "invalid file type". I followed the instructions that the OpenWrt Archer c60 page that states:

"For Archer C60 v1.x, v2.0, v2.1, v3.0 installing OpenWrt is confirmed to work by simply uploading the OpenWrt firmware in the stock OEM's firmware-upgrade page. Please note however that this page will refuse to install firmware uploaded with a long filename. To bypass this limitation, download the relevant factory-flash bin-file and then rename the file to something shorter like firmware.bin before uploading."

I have tried renaming the file to firmware.bin and even copied the name of the OEM Firmware with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Tyler
Why don't you use TFTP server instead!? It's safer to flash your router