Archer C60 v2 can not install luci-app-sqm due to low space

Hi, today I'm buyed a new router with better specifications for install only a library: luci-app-sqm
for limit bandwitch when I'm using PS4, but I'm having the same problem of low space, what can I do for install it?

I need some help. Thank you so much

PD: The older router is P-Link TL-WA901ND with 4/32, and the new is TP-Link Archer C60 v2 with 8/64... I wanna cry .

I add the picture with the error.!


That device should have enough memory, what else did you install? Have you considered building your own image.

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Run this to check what else did you install and can be removed.

echo "[ User-installed packages ]" >> $out_fqn
install_time=`opkg status kernel | awk '$1 == "Installed-Time:" { print $2 }'`
opkg status | awk '$1 == "Package:" {package = $2} \
$1 == "Status:" { user_inst = / user/ && / installed/ } \
$1 == "Installed-Time:" && $2 != '$install_time' && user_inst { print package }' | \
sort >> $out_fqn 2>> $out_fqn
echo -e "\n" >> $out_fqn
cat /tmp/openwrtstats.txt

and post here the output.

Marginal I would say. You should not buy something with less than 16/128 if you expect to add a few things and keep it for some time.

Hi trendy!

How or where can I text these commands?

The question is that the older router, had similar free space. I thought that with a router with the double specs, I might install the luci-app-sqm libraries... :frowning:

Sorry for my english.
Then copy the output and paste it here inside the preformatted text tags (the </> button).

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I think that anything is wrong... Pic

What does command df; du -skh /* report?
Please copy-paste here rather than upload photos.

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How is the flash memory space usage in openwrt 18? There is another option of replacing the 8MB flash chip with a 16MB flash. I did it on a TP-Link MR200, and now I have 9.8MB free space. But this will require some desoldering on the board, and some code editing.

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root@K40:/# df; du -skh /*
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                 3072      3072         0 100% /rom
tmpfs                    29772        88     29684   0% /tmp
/dev/mtdblock6            3200       304      2896  10% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay        3200       304      2896  10% /
tmpfs                      512         0       512   0% /dev
440.0K  /bin
0       /dev
174.0K  /etc
4.0M    /lib
0       /mnt
31.0K   /overlay
0       /proc
8.1M    /rom
0       /root
433.0K  /sbin
0       /sys
88.0K   /tmp
2.4M    /usr
0       /var
674.5K  /www

Sounds good, but I haven't level for this work... But, thanks for your comment!

Your df and du show that /overlay is practically empty and there is 2.8 MB of free space in the flash-- which is about what you have to work with on an 8 MB chip.

This does not jibe with what LuCI said. When you go to the LuCI software page the first time on a new install, the bar should show mostly green.

So yes what else are you installing because SQM isn't that large.

Hi mk24!

Nothing, I've installed nothing more. When I entered to this menu, the bar said like 82K free more or less, a little more than now.

Could you run a firstboot to reset the system to the defaults?
Then configure the internet connectivity and try to run the command from console.
opkg update; opkg install luci-app-sqm

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It works!!!!!!

Thank you so much!

I'm on quarantine in Barcelona, and I needed this bandwitch limit a lot. Thank you Trendy.

Thanks to all users replies.

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