Archer_C60 v1 Snapshot

I installed the ath79 image and it does weird things. The WiFi or Internet connection is restarted or cut off.

Did you save settings?

The obvious things I already know.
As I said, I installed the ath79 version with sysupgrade. Hours after having configured and intended normal restarts, it restarts itself or the WiFi devices are disconnected. Now I do not have installing because I changed it to 18.06.4.

No clue what that means since it's not obvious to me. I still don't know which; but from your description, I guess that means you didn't save settings by running sysupgrade -n.

Not sure what this means. Can you clarify?

I was gonna suggest downgrading from snapshot to a release version to test; but I think you're describing is an issue with that.

So is. He described the problem I had when installing a clean snapshot, and how I did strange things after manually configuring the options to my liking.
The obvious things I mean the basic suggestions, as if you plugged in the router, power button, etc ...
So I had to go back to 18.06.4 because it works much better, even if they say the snapshots are more or less stable.
I guess the firmware is not well polished since a few days ago it was added in ath79.

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To close, the problem was that ath10k-ct consumed (continues to do) a lot of RAM and therefore the 5GHz network went down. As a solution, the smallbuffers version was created. So it is solved.

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