Archer C60 revert to Stock(need help)

Help me please, i need to go back to stock Firmware of Archer C60. Anyone help me please

you could try

probably need to force the unit into recovery mode though.

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It’s doesn’t work. Its only work if you upgrade firmware from tp-link into newer version of it

Try downloading this bin file and install With my archer C60 v3 eu I can install UK and US updates, works perfectly just a problem with updating to latest firmware update given by tp link but no mayor changes in latest firmware thoughso no need to stress

ok i will try

this is tp-link firmware or openWRT firmware ? and how to flash it, can you show me how to flash this bin file please, i begging you

It is tp link firmware.
1 Download and install tftpd64 on your pc.
2 Download the firmware of rooter on link above and rename to tp_recovery.bin and place it in tftpd64 install folder
3 Plug in your router and change the ip addres to
4 Run tftpd64 and click on log viewer if anything is showing. If not switch off rooter and hold reset button and switch on while holding the reset button, log viewer should show some activity and loading the software. Second option, if it does not pick up your rooter, is to click on settings on tftpd, select global and only select dhcp server. Then click on tftp next to global and select the following chechboxes:
tftp security - none,
advanced tftp options - pxe compatibilty
show progress bar
translate unix file names
bind tftp to address
allow / as virtual root
Click ok and see whats happening in log viewer.
If nothing is happening at this point then you need to play arround with the settings like changing the ip address of rooter to or other. Restarting tftp program and also the power and reset button of the rooter. I was also struggeling to get the correct settings but as soon as the log viewer is running then you know the file is being uploaded to your rooter, and also check if the log viewer is running that the correct file name of the firmware is the same and in the correct directory it asks for.
Hope you get it fixed and good luck, it took me a few hours but hopefully you are lucky, but the rooter is still in a working condition and cant mess it up as it only takes the correct firmware I mentioned and the openwrt firmware. When it loads the firmware just be pasient for the rooter to restart and when the lan light comes on its done, then just check your ip address and open your rooter settings in browser. Good luck and let me know

Is your rooter a Archer C60 V3

I followed your tutorial and it’s work. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Yes, my router is Tp-Link Archer V3(EU)

Glad I could help :grin:

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Ok Thank You

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