Archer C60 EU v2.0

Is this router supported? It's an ath10k / Atheros device but the firmware for v1 is not flashable in the web interface and I've had not luck with TFTP either -;a=commit;h=e39dc8d823c86559eedbbdcee5f5c14b827fed0f

Is this maybe a version with locked bootloader?

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Not yet, see

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Applied that Pull Request to master, Images works fine (2,4+5GHz) and factory is flashable over the web-interface! Thanks!

Can you please make the build available on the trunk as well? Thanks!

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First of all, sorry my english!
I compiled lede with this patch, and the image is in link below.
In my case, the ethernet cable to access the luci i have to plugue in wan port.
I had some dificulties to make network work, maybe my mistake to know how things work!
Flahsed in tp-link Webapp.

Link to images:

You might start with the LEDE User Guide...

See my response below, in this have the link to build for Archer C60 EU v2.0

Thanks for the reply to both of you. i ended up merging and compiling locally. It works like a charm

I cloned latest OpenWRT repo, applied this patch and built image for C60v2(EU).
TP link UI accepted the image, however post upgrade, router didn't provide IP to dhcp clients.
It appears to be bricked.
Any pointers what's going wrong?

Found that patch is now merged in master snapshot branch.
Working all good!

I just bought Archer C60 V2.0 and I would like to install OpenWRT firmware. But my model is Archer C60(US) V2.0, not Archer C60(EU) V2.0. Is it safe to install firmware as pointed in (eg. current latest is

Should be save. Usally EU vs. US are only regulatory settings in the vendor firmware. You can also revert using TFTP to the original firmware.


What is the conclusion about Openwrt support for this router?

It is secure to flash?
Somebody tried to flash recently?
If so, what method used?

I found a recovery method on Tp-link page, in case of the router bricks.
Someone already try?