archer-C6 wlan speed issue

Hi Team,
after the 3rd upgrade of (19.0.3) also wlan speed drop-down issue not fixed for archer c6 1200. I am hope at least it will get fixed.
with stock firmware i am getting speed of 180-200 mbps and openwrt its 100-130mbps. but in lan im getting above 200mpbs. kindly fix the issue or guide me if the any possibilities of software or something.
thanks in advance.

Did you have this WLAN performance degradation under 18.06 as well?

Part of the speed loss might be attributed to the ath10k-ct firmware as opposed to the stock ath10k firmware from Qualcomm. Another part of the speed difference between Stock firmware and OpenWRT is that stock firmware has access to some hardware acceleration which speeds up certain network operations.

You could try moving back to Qualcomm's ath10k, which means
removing: kmod-ath10k-ct, ath10k-firmware-[VERSION]-ct
installing: kmod-ath10k and ath10k-firmware-[VERSION] (* check your current installed packages list and note the correct version of the firmware before you make the switch)

Other thing you could try is enabling Software flow offloading (under Firewall --> General settings) if you're bottlenecked by a CPU core in the WAN<->LAN transfer department. Take note that it will prevent QoS/SQM from running correctly, if you're using it.

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Tons of Thanks @ergamus. You are genius. It's worked. KEEP GREAT JOBS!!!!

@ergamus its works fine till restart. after restarting device 5ghz not working. only 2.4ghz is working. as of now i did factory upgrade. kindly help me. if any further ways available. and i am getting half of the amount of vlan speed!!!!

So if I understand right, after reboot wireless stopped working correctly and you've reflashed your device again with a OpenWRT image?

Is your wireless working okay now, minus the speed issue? If not, could you post your system log? Any lines regarding ath10k/wlan would help.

Hi @ergamus,
you are understanding is right and sry for my bad english. still issue is there. i guess there is no proper build for qca9886 when is search for qca988 i'm getting below details

archer c6 qca details are below

and intslled software details

due to wrong software might be i'm facing the issue.
as of now i'm back to stock firmware.

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