Archer C6 v3.20 alternatives

I've been using TP-Link routers for prob 20+years, Recently was using Archer C6 v3.2 for cheaper installations and AX23 for a better installations, and very happy with performance, and ease to compile, and update openwrt.
But now Archer C6 is only available in v4. in EU, which doesn't work for OpenWRT.
Do you have any suggestions which router I could use to replace for new installations instead of Archer C6?
I was looking Xiaomi AC1200 Router which is similar price but only 2 LAN ports, but I like to have 4 giga ports, so I can easily setup as a AP mode, alongside with few wired clients.

where are you located, geographically ?

different regions will have different recommendations.

EU, I often buy from or€%20|

Basicaly it's the same hardware and flashing Openwrt is straightforward.

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See if you can find a cheap Zyxel Multy M1 on ebay, people buy the 3-packs, but sell the 3rd init, because they only need 2, but the 3-pack is cheaper than the 2-pack.

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Thanks @rewter2 This Cudy seems a very good deal, and they even declare OpenWRT support on their website.

Thanks @frollic . Do you have any experience with the range, since there are no visible antennas?

There is one issue with the current wr1300 support - v3 devices appear to have calibration data reversed in the flash - v2 had calibration data for 2.4GHz first, then for 5GHz but v3 has 5GHz first then 2.4GHz. I sent a pull request for fixing this but @ Djfe has a better idea than mine on how to fix this. See PR 13387

The hardware is fine and will work about the same as c6v3. The install is also relatively easy but you have an intermediate step of flashing their proprietary build of OpenWRT first.

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Thanks @zekica for heads up. I plan to buy min 10x so I don't need to look for new options for a while. I didn't see that store would mention which version they are selling. If I understand you well even v3 with swapped pcie, that can be updated in config?

Yes, I'm using one v1, one v2 and three v3 devices - they all work fine (v3 after applying either mine or Djfe's patch). V1 had an USB port, MT7603 and MT7612 while V2 and V3 are identical in hardware - no USB port, MT7603 and MT7613.

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Yes @zekica I've noticed v1 has USB port, but I presume they don't sell those any more, as even manufacturer's website have same page for all versions, but I don't really need USB, as long as they work reliably and price is very good, I'm happy

That doesn't say s*it.

No idea, I don't own one, but a lot of those new AX routers are antenna-less.

Zyxel Multy M1 3-packs, will be 30€/device, or less.

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My experience with MT7613BE(N) used in both Archer C6 v3, v3.2 and in Wr1300 v2, v3 what that it had one bug - I'm not sure if it still has it - it would stop working when one device disconnects while another is transferring data. This commit fixes the issue entirely and works fine with one device having 200+ days of uptime.