Archer C6 v2 US bricked

Hello everybody. I have an AP archer c6 v2 US, The long and shor of it is I hardbrick it with an image that I compiled myself. No lights, no tftp, I assume I erased the bootloader. I need a full backup so that I can burn it with a programmer, would someone be kind enough to send me a full backup of this device?

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I have full backup of my archer c6 us v2. Do you need it ?

Yes, please, I need it. I have 6 monts whit that router bricked. I really apreciate it.

confirm me that the file unzipable. may be i compressed it 7zip.

also donot forget to use your own art partition or modify the mac addresses in art.

I downloaded it, but i can't uncompress the file, tar command return me this:

tar -xvf Archer_c6_full_backup.tar.xz
xz: (stdin): File format not recognized
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

p7zip return me this:

p7zip --decompress Archer_c6_full_backup.tar.xz
/usr/bin/p7zip: Archer_c6_full_backup.tar.xz: unknown suffix

And command file:

file Archer_c6_full_backup.tar.xz
Archer_c6_full_backup.tar.xz: data

Please, can you confirm the file?

Sorry by the troubles

i am also confused, why the compressed file is corrupted. tomorrow, i will try to provide the backup again, Although i forget the tftp processes to make backup.

hello, ok could you give me the full dump c6 file please,,,my is dead.