Archer C6 V2 NordVPN

Hello, recently I bought Archer C6 V2. Before I flash OpenWRT I want to know if It possible to install and use NordVPN on it.

yes it is possible to run openvpn client to NordVPN on C6 V2 with 128MB RAM and 8MB flash. However, you probably won't see more than 16 mbps ethernet speed through the vpn tunnel due to weak processor. Wireless speed will be lower.
Take a look at the 'alternative guide for openvpn client with LuCI' at the bottom of the above owrt wiki page for more details.

fwiw, if you use original tplink firmware on your C6, you may be able to use 'less secure' PPTP (or L2TP) WAN protocol with NordVPN and see higher VPN speeds.

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunely NordVPN stop support PPTP/L2TP protocol...

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