Archer C6 V2 haven't space in disk

Good morning. I'm spanish, my conoucements of the english language is very small, I'm sorry in the errors.

This is the problem: I installed the OpenWRT in the router Archer C6 V2. Function very well, but the space of installation for the new applications is very small. After install de OpenWRT, the free space in the disk, is 212 KiB. I Upgraded the system in the router to the last version.

What can I do to have more disk space?

If there's no usb port, nothing.

Use the image builder to remove unneeded packages, to gain space.

I assume it's the EU/RU version ?
The US one got twice the flash space.

8mb flash devices will be EOL after next release of Openwrt, due to insufficient flash capacity.

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Thak you for the reply.

Yes, is EU/RU version. And haven't USB port. I need space free for install OpenVPN. With OpenVPN I need very plus space?

Try installing it, it'll tell you how much extra space you need.

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I reset the router, all at zero. OpenWRT used 1.1 MB en disk. The OpenWRT in minimal install, the space in disk is 81% free. I use OpenWRT in english language for not consume space in disk.

Is there a way to get more disk space? I am now at the minimum of space in use and I have no room left for much.

I need 1.2 MiB to install OpenVPN. But I have 1.1 MiB free. What?

And I not have updated the system... When I update the system, I haven't free space for install PPPoE ISP and OpenVPN.

Look the image, look what I have, a partition temporary with 60 MiB. Can't using part of the this partition of for 60 MiB for install there applications.


The "temporary space" is a virtual disk in RAM. Any files stored there are lost on a power cut or reboot.

The only difference between EU and US version seems to be the size of the flash chip. So you could potentially convert yours to 16MB flash and run US firmware. The US version should be supported into the future.

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Ohh!! Is verity. The temporary space is RAM disk... I Jumpered the detail. Thank you for the note.

You mean I could convert the EU version to the US version?

Can I change the chip of the memory flash?

Sure, if you got the skills.

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Thank You for Your Help

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