Archer C6 V2 bricked after try to installing OpenWrt

i was trying to install openwrt, but I failed. now the router is no longer usable. I used this method to install OpenWRT: set as the ip of the pc (attached via LAN), after which I downloaded the openwrt firmware (renaming it correctly) and put it in the TFTP root directory. then I unplugged the router, opened the program, selected the interface. Then I connected the router again and, holding down the reset button, I pressed the power button, but nothing happened. only the power LED lights up and flashes, nothing else. what can I do? if I do these steps with the wan cable connected, TFTP makes a very fast firmware upload, but after a while it is eliminated and it is as if it had done nothing

  • Does your TFTP log say it uploaded successfully/100%?
  • If so, do you change your Ethernet IP addressing back to DHCP; and see if it gets an IP?
  • Does the machine running TFTP have a firewall?
    • If so, have you disabled it?
  • Did you follow:
    • If so, did you try the web install? (curious)
  • What does the serial output say? :bulb: