Archer C6 use whole flsah space

Hello everyone

I have a problem with my archer C6 v2 EU.

This device is supposed to have 8MB of flash ( But, when I install openWRT, in the 19.07 release, I have only 3MB of flash, and when I upgrade with the latest version, the space is reduced to 1.1MB!

Does anyone have a simple solution to recover the full flash usage? I don't have much knowledge in developpement...

I've tried to rollback to stock firmware, but it results in a brick, and I can only do a TFTP recover to an OpenWRT image to debrick

thank you

This is entirely expected -- 22.03 is bigger than 19.07.

If you want to save space, you need to build your own images... it's pretty simple to do using the online image builder (part of the firmware selector, but you need to know what you can safely remove. For that, see this article:

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While the OEM partitioning of this device isn't perfect, it's still quite reasonable - 384 KB are used for OEM partitions (the absolute minimum could be 192 KB (which would involve lowest level (bootloader-) development on your side), but that would come with some restrictions as well, so there may be good reasons to reserve a little more than that). As of 22.03.5, an OpenWrt release image needs 6464 KB of that, with further space required for padding and creating the overlay, leaving you very little free space - nor much (any) room for improvements. While you can customize your OpenWrt image a little, to shave off some KB here and there (there isn't that much to remove, before basic features are affected), but the only tangible improvement would involve upgrading the hardware (especially considering that future releases will grow even more, slowly, but steadily).


Just to add, as nobody has said it explicitly, 8MB is the total storage space in the router. As the standard OpenWRT image is a little under 7 MB that leaves you about 1MB.

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