Archer C6 relayed network speed at 5GHz

First of all, hello to everybody.

I have bought Archer C6 to use it as AP client. I configured everything according to below article:

My issue is with speed on devices connected via Ethernet to Archer C6.
On router config page, bitrate looks as below:

When i use Speedtest on my mobile standing next to the Archer router, my speed reaches up to 450 Mbps.
On LAN connected devices to Archer C6, speed reaches up to max 150 Mbps.

Is there anything i can do to increase the speed on LAN connected devices?

What is your other device? And are you sure that your mobile is on fact connected to the C6 and not the main router?

Generally I wouldn't have high hopes from relayd and the likes. Whether 150 mbps is within the expected range or not, I don't have an answer to that.

By the way, it's good privacy practice to redact your MAC address and any public IP addresses you may have when posting your config.

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So is there a better way to configure such setup?
Basically i want Arher C6 on OpenWRT to act like WLAN card to my PC connectec to it via LAN cable.

Check this. I don't know if it will work, because you have a different firmware on the other router but you can try.

You can backup your current config, so that if WDS doesn't work, you can restore the backup instead of doing it again.

You can also use client mode if WDS is unavailable.

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