Archer C6 multiple ssid?

I'm experimenting with a guest network, but on adding a new ssid to the 2.4ghz network, it remains disabled, I can only get it to turn on if I disable the other ssid first, the router on stock software does support guest networks so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?

I set it to the same channel as the main radio.

Looks like its a visual thing, as the ssid was in-fact being broadcast and once I connected a client, it showed up normally.

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Hi all,

sorry for jumping in/taking over.
I have read your post and have had just some questions about the multi-ssid´s.

First: Is it a hardware feature or is this multi ssid/spanning multiple wlan´s a software-feature?

2.nd: Please, can you share your setup for the multi-ssid?

I just begun to set up a fritz 7412. Multi-SSID is nice for guest´s etc.


Hardware feature, just press add next to the radio in the wireless section.

  • Some hardware cannot do multiple SSIDs
  • Also, it depends on how you want to configure them. SSIDs can be attached to whatever network you setup, even multiple SSIDs to the same WAN and to a new guest_net, to add another SSID/passphrase on same LAN for temporary users, etc...
  • There is no single multi-SSID config, perhaps you should create a thread describing your use case

Hi @cspiby and @lleachii,

thank you very much, I have to try, play and learn :slight_smile:


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