Archer C59 wrong port mapping

Hi all,

i've flashed a Archer C59 V1/EU with the last lede image.
After some usage i've found a strange behavior with the port enumeration.

Checking the ports with swconfig and a cable i can see:

Physical port | swconfig dev switch0 show sais:

| 1 | 1 |

| 2 | 4 |

| 3 | 3 |

| 4 | 2 |

So, plugging eth cable to port 2 show me up port 4 and vice versa.
After that i tried to play with switch_vlan configurations to check if it was an swconfig problem or kernel problem.
The network behavior is the same, if i put different configuration i can see the router set ports like the table above.

Is that a bug?
Or am i just doing something wrong?

Thx in advance for your help
Have a nice day

This is quite common: swconfig refers to the physical ports on the internal switch, as defined by the manufacturer of the chip; then, the manufacturer of the router puts a different label on the box, and that confuses users. The wiki page for each router usually has a listing of the switch ports, and how they have been mapped.

Sorry for the OT, how do you flashed?
Do you have installed the GUI?