Archer C59 V2 - how to get into Ath79 tree?

If I wanted to compile the new Snapshot builds in the Ath79 tree, how would I move over the Archer C59 V2 info from the Ar71xx branch?

I see the Archer C59 V1 is in the Ath79 tree, and the Archer C59 V2 is identical except for a different firmware layout?

I'm currently running revision 10250 ar71xx on my Archer C59 V2's (I have about 6) and they run great, but I'd like to be able to continue using the latest snapshots until they are included in the OpenWRT release builds.


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Assuming that is the case, the core of your task would be to create a new DTS for the C59v2 (possibly moving virtually all of the existing target/linux/ath79/dts/qca9561_tplink_archer-c59-v1.dts into something like qca9561_tplink_archer-c59.dtsi and then including it into one DTS for the v1 and another for the v2), then overriding the flash partitioning in the &spi section. Labeling the partitions that need to change would mean that you could more easily override the values in the upper/outer/including DTS file(s).

Then there is a bunch of "enabling" work, such as adding the board, and all the files with board-specific references are needed:

jeff@deb-devel:~/devel/openwrt$ fgrep -rl archer-c59 target/linux/ath79/

Here's the idea of overriding a specific value for a "very similar" device to its sibling:


#include "qca9531_glinet_gl-ar300m-nor.dts"

/ {
        compatible = "glinet,gl-ar300m-lite", "qca,qca9531";
        model = "GL.iNet GL-AR300M-Lite";

// GL-AR300M-Lite has different LED colors than the non-Lite version

&led_status {
        label = "gl-ar300m-lite:red:status";

&led_lan {
        label = "gl-ar300m-lite:green:lan";

&led_wlan {
        label = "gl-ar300m-lite:green:wlan";

I have a c59 v2 running great. Snapshot is from the ar71xx branch (

Can you make your new c59 v2 builds available for others to use?