Archer C59 V1 US Broken Lan 1 port + wan (snapshot)

After flashing 4 of the same routers last night using the latest snapshot builds, dhcp on Ethernet port 1 (lan) on all devices running the latest build of lede do not have a valid address. The gateway is assigned correctly but I am getting a fake ip assigned when I connect to port 1. All other ports are functioning as normal. I have seen commits where @Heinz fixed the port issue in March but the problem seems to have reintroduced itself.

Also, 1 out of 4 routers resulted in a dead wan port after flashing several versions of openwrt including the latest. Only after powering the router the next day, the wan port came back to life. As of now the wan port is working. I found a thread with someone else experiencing these exact same issues with a manual fix but I cannot find the link at the moment.

Edit: I found the link to someone else describing the lan port 1 issue.