Archer C59(RU) v1 - revert to stock

After installing a snapshot on my Archer C59(RU), the LEDE is loaded fine. I want to return to the original firmware. How it can be done through cli.

mtd -r write /tmp/tplink_original_firmware.bin dst (dst - firmware or linux)?

And whether or not to cut tplink_original_firmware.bin?

Do you manage to backup fullflash image from your router? AFAIK cli does not understand tplink's factory file format. The only way is to prepare special cut from OEM fullflash image and do cli update, or use tftp recovery as described in PR;a=commitdiff;h=e39dc8d823c86559eedbbdcee5f5c14b827fed0f

Try using TFTP.

Even though your router is not “bricked”, this tutorial works for reverting as well…

Download the TP-Link firmware and rename it to archerC59v1_tp_recovery.bin

Hi all, can someone help restore the c59 v1 Archer to the stock firmware?... I can download the file via tftpd, but nothing happens after that... Fullflash image backup has not been done
Sorry for my English, i'm not a native speaker

What image file do you use? How do you flashing and what result? After flashing, does the router self-restart?

The firmware took here )

For flashing, I used the tftpd v4.62 utility, here is a log of it:

The connection received from on port 2363 [23/11 11: 53: 16.839]
Read the request for the <tp_recovery.bin> file.
The octet of the mode [23/11 11: 53: 16.839]
OACK: <timeout = 3,> [23/11 11: 53: 16.839]
Using the local port 52675 [23/11 11: 53: 16.839]
<tp_recovery.bin>: sent 22626 blks, 11584071 bytes in 22 seconds.
0 blk resent [23/1111: 53: 38,709]

After flashing nothing happened, the router not rebooted itself

Also tryed flashing this firmware
, after succesfully flashing, it's too nothing happened