Archer C50 v6 (eu) only 2MB free space

Hi there,

I install openwrt on my archer c50 v6 (eu) but only show 2mb free space in software section. in spec of device show 8mb. what's wrong?

how can i extend free space?

i want to install paswall and v2ray so i need more space on my router. any solution's?

and please add archer c50 v6 to official pages of Owrt support.

8MB is the total amount of space available on the device. That 8MB has to contain the kernel and the rest of the firmware, as well as anything you install.

The 2MB is what’s left after installing your base firmware. You can build a custom image to save space, but you aren’t likely to be able to squeeze it too much.


Thank you.

8mb flash devices will be EOL after next release of Openwrt, due to insufficient flash capacity.