Archer C50 v6 - all lights blinking after OpenWrt installation

Good morning

Any help please. I have this router archer c50 V6 and yesterday I installed the image which is in Dropbox to download and this then when I open the router all the lights do not stop blinking and never stopped.
Any idea what to do taking in consideration that I am not a professional such all of you so slowly slowly if you can help me with steps,also note of it will run openwrt I don't care if WiFi 5ghz will work or not.
Looking forward to receive any solution asap.

Thanks have a nice day all


Is this OpenWrt-related?

If so, how?

Did you ask the person who provided the fimrware?

BTW, I don't see v6 listed here:

AFAIK the v6 isn't officially supported

do however try TP-Link Archer C50 (EU) V6.0 - 5 GHz interface not present

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Thanks for your quick reply, as I said I downloaded the files from Dropbox and chosed update firmware and after it finished it restart and I don't see the router on WiFi or on ethernet and led lights keep on off .

Anyway to get back to the original firmware or I consider the router dead

The link for download is below

It was samba2 who shared it

Thanks to advise

Who told you to use this firmware?

Is there a link to some website?

(It's important.)

EDIT to tag: @samba2 ?