Archer C50 v4 Mac80211 Looses Internet Access after 20'+ Away from Router But Maintains Connection

Here my current bin:!ApO7cZgI36BfjXIeJucSC4OVr5D5?e=ZsN14U

It is 19.07.4 branch / LuCI / with the drautmann patch / reverted a commit on mtk_soc_eth.c

thanks, flashed it, same results .. 2.4ghz still sucks.
I'm on A5 v4.20 EU - the equivalent c50 v4.20

I think the patch may not work on your model, it may differ somewhere slightly.
The bug on the archer c50: it has a MT7628 chipset but on hardware it is labelled MT7600, the patch is to fix this.

I had another A5 v4.0 router and flashed your bin, still same issue.
19.07.3 works better on these routers. I get ~5mbps on 2.4ghz (which is still bad) But better than 256kbps I get on newer / patched version of openwrt.

Can someone explain to me the patch maybe I can write a patch for tp-link a5 v4 and create a pull request on master?

fwiw, refer to this post by @Kramer to discover the hardware ID on your A5:

@hax for ramips select MediaTek Ralink MIPS


I've flashed this update and got issues when I have 15-25 wi-fi clients and routers are restarting, when it's like 5-10 it's okay. (4 routers)
I tried to turn off 2.4g only and 5g only, nothing, routers are restarting every time.

But I have one router also flashed this firmware and I turned off wifi networks 2.4/5Ghz and this router has been restarted 2 times in the last 30 days.

Does someone get the same issues?

I didn't check on another version yet like the same 19.07.4 but without this patch.

Looks like this kernel module won't be built by default, you have to pick it up. It's called kmod-mt7603 under wireless drivers.

Thanks @darkmaxx1 for the bin. I was able to flash my C50v4 with it and the 5 GHz speeds are great.

The only issue I have is I cannot set 5GHz to use any DFS frequencies. I've tried setting my WiFi Country to Canada (correct) and also USA, Germany, Japan and 00. In all cases, it lets me select, say Channel 52 but then the WiFi doesn't turn on, and instead just says "Wireless is not associated". Auto and non-DFS channels like 36 work fine.

Does anyone else have this issue and/or know a work-around? I have the Canadian version of the C50v4.


I have also the issue, I did put the CA code for the wireless and used channel 36. Like you, the wireless cannot start with channel 52. It can start with channel 149 but checking the frequencies, it is not DFS.

I just did leave at 36 for me.

Just update status.

I've flashed by and got the same issues when I have many wifi clients like 15+ the router is restarting.

The drivers seem to be marked to build as module by default. If built this way as in installable ipk they fail due to failing dependencies. Best built-in.

Hi VintageRain,

kindly, could you build 19.07.3 with that patch for the Wi-fi module, please?
Because 19.07.4 contains issues and router restarting if clients a lot, like 12..15+ even without the patch.

Thank you.

The supplied psu is weak when compared with another PSU that comes with an ac1200 capable router. Just a thought that while the basic psu is fine with a single association several may drain it. Look for something with 2A.

You might try my build, it contains a fix about a issue on mtk_soc_eth. I had packet dropouts and Wifi restarted while streaming from Netflix or Disney. The router is 25 days stable as we speak with great reliability.

the problem not with your build, the problem with 19.07.4 version. The problem happening when the router have 12...15+ wifi clients then router is restarting. This firmware is contains the issue but previously version 19.07.3 doesn't.
I've checked it on 4 routers and it's working fine
That's why if it possible to build 19.07.3 version with your patch :slight_smile: . kindly, could you do it, please?
I've flashed 19.07.3 - 4 routers and it's okay, but the signal for 2.4GHz is poor because of this firmware without your patch.
I have one router with 19.07.4 and it's still restarting (flashed by

OpenWrt version's 19.07.5 is out since a few days, EDIT: The issue is not fixed in the new release.

I can confirm mtk_soc_eth.c 's bug is fixed ( * Fix regression in 19.07.4 causing transmit timeout and packet loss on mt7620 devices)

@darkmaxx1 You mind building 19.07.5 with drautmann patch for the rest of us, when you haver a chance?

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I've flashed 19.07.5 and the router is not restarting when clients more than 12 , but the signal for 2.4Ghz is still poor. :pensive:

Hello! I've rebuilded v19.07.5 with the dtrautmann patch above here. You can try it out for yourself!