Archer C50 v4 - correct firmware but now bricked?

Hi folks!

I always wanted to use OpenWrt (or back then ddWrt) and just now i have seen that there is a firmware for my "experimental-"router. (it's cheap and just for testing and stuff)
It's a TP-Link Archer C50 v4.20 which completely worked until i flashed the OpenWrt firmware.

I'm not a newbie when it comes to IT-related stuff and i have read every page on the Documentation. I have also checked that i downloaded the correct firmware, which it was.
Used Ethernet-connection so that there are less potential failure points because i know flashing routers is critical.

Still - my router is bricked now. Can't get a connection, not able to reset or anything.. it is just blinking.
any ideas on this or can i throw it in the bin?

What specific image did you flash? Did you follow the instructions on the device info page? Have you attempted TFTP recovery? What about serial?

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OH WOW DAMN... thanks! sadly i didn't knew this page until now..

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