Archer C50 V3 unstable wifi


I have been using this Archer C50 V3 for a few month and struggle with wifi, that just goes away or stop working from time to time. Rebooting the device sometimes help, sometimes does not.

The wifi is there, there goes away for a few minutes and come back. Or wifi is here but packets just get lost in limbo (wired operation work fine and never gives trouble).

I just unplugged it and replugged my old WR841N which started without a trouble.

I have seen other threads on wifi stability problems with this C50 device. Should I just give it the boot because hardware is bad? or is there something cooking in OpenWRT to improve on this.

I did update to 18.06.2 but the firmware somehow remained on 18.06.1 (I did a thread on that a few weeks ago).

OT Question 1: Should I flash my old WR841N with OpenWRT, or is it too low on available flash and ram for something usable?
OT Question 2 : If I backup my archer config. Can I replay it on the WR841, or should I redo it from scratch ?

Thank for you help :slight_smile:

v19 is on the way in the next month or so. If it will fix the specific problem you're having, I don't know

Resolving why your upgrade wasn't successful would be my first step, then I'd be flashing a snapshot or a v19 preview (and LuCI, if needed) to see what might be coming along.

  1. No, anything with either less than 8 MB of flash or less than 64 MB of RAM is obsolete these days. At least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM are current, bare-minimum recommendations for purchase of new devices, especially as good- and excellent-quality devices can be purchased starting at around US$20.

  2. No, config generally doesn't transfer from device to device due to hardware differences. A backup is often useful to guide in the configuration of another device.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Regarding a replacement unit would you be able to give a few refs in the 20$ range? the WR841 wost me 12€ when buying, and the Archer cost me way more :frowning:

Here in the US, I have been very happy with the GL.iNet AR300M-Lite, AR300M, and AR750S that I have. They are travel-router format and may not meet your needs.

There are some great recommendations in the post by slh and a few of those following on (ignore the title)

Also lots of opinions in the very long