Archer C50-V3 auto channel selection for WiFi doesn't work

The firmware in the downloads section, as well as firmware obtained by compiling the OpenWrt for C50-V3, has the same issue. When I select auto in the channel combo box for either of the radios, although the LUCI interface shows that wifi is enabled but a ? is shown next to the channel and there are no WiFi signals. When a fixed channel is chosen then the signals reappear. How can I solve this?

Choose a channel manually, there is no real auto function.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Do you mean the DLink C50-V3 has no auto function or that it is not yet implemented in the OpenWrt firmware for it?

Openwrt doesn't have any auto function period on any device. It just means "first available channel" it should be removed from luci but it hasn't been.

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