Archer c50 login problem

hi there . i got a problem accessing my archer c50 v1 after installing open wrt
actually every thing looks just fine
i can ping
its dhcp works fine so when i enable my NIC dhcp i got the ip withe the gateway and dns of and also when i use advanced ip scanner software it gives me the ip address as openwrt
but the problem is i cant access to router through browser
when i used advanced port scanner it shows only port 22 as open port

you most likely have installed a snapshot version which usually does not include luci

try running a scan of the open ports:


if it detects only 22, 53

or install:

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ssh to it, then

cd /tmp
sysupgrade openwrt-22.03.5-ramips-mt7620-tplink_archer-c50-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
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hi thanks for the answer . i did that but there is no internet in it how can it get that file ?

DL the file to your computer, then (win)scp it over to the router.

hi thanks for the answer but still no luck . ssh with putty works and i can log in with the user root

i have it in my pc right now and connected to access point using putty . would you please send me the command to copy it from pc to access point ? can i use the usb port of the access point ?

You were just told you to use (win)scp, that should be more than enough,

yeah thanks i am downloading the app right now

i did that but got an error metadata misiing
asked for using sysupgrade -F instead and that did not work too

what "did not work" ?

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