Archer C5 v2 (BCM53xx)


According to:

Archer C5 v2 is using the Broadcom Chipset 53xx, I've seen in the LEDE ftp site

Is there any hope for Archer C5 v2 users to be working (sooner or later) with LEDE?

Thanks a lot,;a=commitdiff;h=cc3c50eb227aa6da3e601f111a7ef1f382d9953f;hp=dfac8080765d5dff70ac51d56303e2c1758e5a58

Well, it seems will be more sooner than later!!! Great!!!

I'll be aware of it.
Thanks a lot!!

I'm working on getting DTS file for this devices accepted:

Please be aware of limited/non-existing support for wireless chipsets:

Hi rmilecki,

Thanks a lot for your effort.

Despite of the wireless limitations, will be better than now (we have no LEDE firmware), maybe, step by step one day we'll get full hardware support. In my opinion, that's not a race it's a marathon.


Support for this device has been added with;a=commit;h=0a05fbd1356631a1f903adcd63ffb05550537667

Please open new topics for any new questions.