Archer C2600 HE Tunnel config

I have extra bought a C2600 to testing the LEDE Project :wink: Now I like to swich my working HE Tunnel from the computer to the LEDE router but I mean I can't understand the Logic behind LEDE :-(.

I read all I found to config about HE Tunnel but on my site it is not working.

I make a Update to LEDE Snapshot to have the reboot again??

I like to config HE tunnel and a route to LAN Interface what is going to a other switch with the different Servers
Can any tell me the correct way ?

When you must have configs tell me please.

Thanks for a answer

Can you install LuCI???
And have you installed the IPv6 pacakges???

  • Go to Network > Interfaces
  • Create a new IPv6-in-IPv4 (RFC4213) interface
  • For Local IPv4 address
    • Leave blank for DHCP WAN
    • Enter WAN IP if statically assigned
  • Remote IPv4 address is the IP listed in Tunnelbroker as Server IPv4 Address
  • Local IPv6 address is listed in Tunnelborker as Client IPv6 Address
  • IPv6 routed prefix is listed in Tunnebroker as the /48 and /64s under Routed IPv6 Prefixes
    • Use a /48 if you have mutiple LANs
    • Use a /64 if you only have one LAN
  • If it is blocked, you must also allow ICMP Echo request from the HE tunnel check server, that IP is on the Tunnelbroker webstie
  • Done!

Yes I have installed LuCI and IPv6 :wink:
So now I can ping outwirh IPv6 ??

I have to remove the gateway in LAN, insert in HENET ipaddr adresse open and apply the Firewall..... so now i can ping6 to other IPv6.

But now I have the next Problem I have to configure a LAN Port ONLY for IPv6 this port is going to a switch afterward to the servers I have extra IPv4, IPv6 nets
Can any hint me to a wiki or documentation for this Problem

Thanks for a answer