Archer C2600 does not reboot

I have 2 brand new Archer C2600 devices which I flashed with Lede 17.01.4.
Everything went smooth but every time I when I reboot the device (Luci or ssh) it shut itself down.
It does not reboot but all the lights are down and you have to power cycle it to turn it back on.

Anyone know how to fix this?

That is a known issue with the c2600 v1.1 and Lede stable.
TP-Link changed the flash chip between v1 and v1.1
Flash in v1.1 needs driver fix to sanely reboot.

Somehow the Lede-support thread for c2600 got stuck on the openwrt forum.
See here for further details: Support for TP-Link Archer C2600.

These stable builds from user heinz should have the fix included: 17.01-SNAPSHOT

fyi: i have an Archer C2600 v1 and couldnt get it stable on master/k4.9.
Settled for the stable heinz build for the moment

The C2600 I have is a v1.1
So it's best to install the Heinz snapshot (lede-17.01-snapshot-r3566-98c003e-ipq806x-C2600-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) ?

According to this post yes.

Ok, cool. Tnx!

The wireless on the Heinz build is stable or not?

Yep, for me on C2600v1 heinz build has rock solid wireless. 14 days uptime so far.

As far as i know only difference between v1 and v1.1 ist the flash chip.
Soc and wifi chips are identical.

Ok sounds good!
Going to give it a try. Tnx!

I just flashed lede-17.01-snapshot-r3794-dca4dfa-ipq806x-C2600-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin and the reboot bug is still there for me.