Archer C2600 and gigabit connection underperformance

Hello folks,

I recently got an upgrade for my broadband connection which delivers one gigabit downstream now. When I plug my laptop into the Archer C2600, I only get around 400 megabit. If i plug it directly into the cable modem, the line speed is around 980 megabit.

Even worse, if I use the ac wifi, I get 180 megabit - in a distance of 1 meter without any obstacle.

So I guess it's a firmware problem or a settings problem.

Can somebody give me some good advice on what settings I should use?

As of now the configuration is like this:

OpenWRT 21.02.2
Standard settings
Wifi mode ac, channel 36 (tried others too), width 80,

ipq8064 is no fast enough to keep up with 1 GBit/s WAN speeds (without NSS acceleration).

Thanks for your reply.

Well, if I use the original firmware, I get a LAN speed of around 980 megabit. Whereas with Openwrt I just get around 400.

Also, with the original firmware I get around 520 megabit down via wifi. Whereas with Openwrt I just get around 180/190. So I was wondering if there might be a setting that I am missing. I was thinking maybe there is some setting for hadware and software offloading, etc. But like I said, I use standard settings.

I get 560Mbps to, when measuring the wifi, from my cell phone - the C2600 is set up as an AP.

Standard settings, only thing replaced is the hostapd, to be able to use 802.11r.

Running 19.07.9 though.