Archer C20 V5 - Bricked after installed snapshot

I just bought an Archer C20 V5 (ES) but not really sure if it is V5, or in my country is... in the wikidev shows V4 has 2 coaxials and 1 ufl connector... and V4 doesnt have the UFL connector... mine does.. so...

I installed the snapshot available for V5 and after reboot the router stay with all LEDs on.

So i plugged in the serial console to see whats going on.. and it was saying that unable to load the filesystem or something similar, so i try to revert using the official TP-Link Firmware via TFTP and renaming the file to tp_recovery.bin

After it uploads, erases flash and install. i get this..

U-Boot 1.1.3 (May 26 2020 - 19:29:27)

Board: Ralink APSoC DRAM:  64 MB
relocate_code Pointer at: 83fac000
Software System Reset Occurred
gpiomode1 55054404.
gpiomode2 05540554.
gpiomode2 05550555.
flash manufacture id: 1c, device id 70 17
**Warning: un-recognized chip ID, please update bootloader!**
Ralink UBoot Version:
ASIC 7628_MP (Port5<->None)
DRAM component: 512 Mbits DDR, width 16
DRAM bus: 16 bit
Total memory: 64 MBytes
Flash component: SPI Flash
Date:May 26 2020  Time:19:29:27
icache: sets:512, ways:4, linesz:32 ,total:65536
dcache: sets:256, ways:4, linesz:32 ,total:32768

 ##### The CPU freq = 580 MHZ ####
 estimate memory size =64 Mbytes
RESET MT7628 PHY!!!!!!
continue to starting system.                             

and i noticed this: Warning: un-recognized chip ID, please update bootloader!

Heres a pic of the Router.

thanks in advance for any help or clue.. :slight_smile:

Check it out

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Thank you men..! I'm applying this now. seems to be booting now... i let you know!

Its alive! Thanks a lot men! :slight_smile:

You are welcome

I'm glad that your router got back and now alive

Which version did you flash your router?!!!

19.07.4 or 19.07.3 ?!

I suggest you to flash ver 19.07.3 instead, ver 19.07.4 that Linaro uploaded takes more space of flash chip

It works fine and flawlessly for me

it's your router and definitely your call

Have a good weekend

Hi again! :slight_smile:

i ended up using 19.07.3 and yes.,.. it works very well... have been testing it for about 4 days and its working as expected.

Thank you again for your help :slight_smile: really appreciated.

Regards! :slight_smile:

You are very welcome

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