Archer C20 v4 - Factory Reset

Hi guys, I have problems resetting my Archer C20 v4 via Tftp. I want to reset it to default after it got bricked.
I followed these steps but I didn't work.
The lights keep flashing and I cant use it anymore.


Do I need a stripped firmware? Can anybody help to reset my router?

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have access over serial?
Seems your product id and hw id is also corrupted (is read from the tp link header of you firmware).

Here is a thread with a similar tftp recovery issue:

Yes, you need a stripped firmware:

Archer C20(EU)_V4_170822 (modified for TFTP flash)

thank you so much, you really helped me with this. I have this exact router, but openvpn on openwrt doesn't really work and sometimes the wifi is disconnecting, so I wanted to restore it to the former firmware. Glad I found this!

Hello friend, would you happen to get a file for the (BR) C20 V4.O?

New link

Archer C20 v4 (BR) and C20W (same router, the 2 firmwares works)

Can somebody reupload that modified archer C20 firmware please ?