Archer C2 bricked

Recently i have try to flash wrt but done it wrong and have bricked Archer c2. Keeps restarting every few seconds and cant do recovery( starts to download recovery but not enought time and it restarts again). have tried all ways what i found on youtube. Do it binit or can do something?

(With the TFTP flashing instructions on the same page)

Be very careful with a TFTP recovery on this model because it over-writes the bootloader, so you need to be absolutely sure what you are sending includes a good bootloader. This means that you must start with an official TP-Link firmware with "boot" in the name, not OpenWrt.

It may be a good idea to connect serial and see what is going on first. Also restarting every few seconds can be a hardware problem especially with the power supply "wall wart".

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I have connected serial and it show some hieroglyphs...