Archer A9 Firmware Mixup

Hello Fellow OpenWrt community members can you please help?

I have attempted everything with trying to recover my system.

Here is what I did so far.

Originally the system ran at 120-200megabits per second
I installed OpenWrt to play with and it was only running at 32-54mbps when I ran speed tests, I left it running for a day as my Archer A9 only has support for 5ghz currently.
I went back OpenWrt GUI and attempted to install the factory Tp-Link firmware it said it was installing (I had to click the red box as the firmware was correct from the vendor)
after it would never reboot or do anything. I restarted it after about 5 mins the system boots up shows my direct connection to LAN1 as it was in AP mode I plug a laptop in and attempted to go to the GUI at (this is what I had it set to originally) (yes I set the interface to match the private network) interface of laptop was for this
also changed it to match the network I went to the GUI this shows a LuCI splash screen for a couple seconds and after does not connect.

I have attempted to run TFTP64 and reinstall OpenWrt and Tp_link fimware by way of holding the reset button and restarting the router the far right led turns on however no TFTP data is transmitted, I tried TFTP on a iMac, TFTP Windows 10 built in as well as (set the private IP on the interface to match)

I have attempted to SSH into it and it fails with Putty.

Does anyone else have any tips to get this guy going again, OpenWrt and or TP-Link firmware I do not mind I just want the router to run again.

Please help....

I have also placed firmware on a USB and reset the device hopping it would grab it automatically with the usb port. This also did not work.

The device will never do any auto-recovery via USB.

That said, did you follow the directions for TFTP from the git commit. Specially, you need to set your computer's IP address to and activate the TFTP server with the correct filename available.;a=commit;h=9c335accfe57f3049850b8fdb684c9e7e5feea82

I have done the also I will attempt it again with your links info,

Thanks for the reply. I am just going to leave OpenWrt on it, TP link has some weird consistent cloud connections if I get it going again.

Thanks with the correct file name it worked I got good transfers

That naming convention is really particular for the image it wants.

I have not used TFTP transfers since 2004 with Cisco's Netacad program. We used it in class also Xterm restoring images

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