Archer A7 won't go back to stock firmware

This is similar to this post - AC1750 (Archer A7 v5) can't get back to stock firmware - however no solution was made.
I am trying to get my Archer A7 (AC1750) back to stock firmware - however all attempts resulted in:

  1. TFTP Upload completes.
  2. Router boots.
  3. I go and check if it's OpenWRT.
  4. It's OpenWRT, not stock firmware.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong? It uploads at 100%, but never flashes it self.
Guide used:

Seen ?

Check the country code on the label next to the model number. I don't know if other than a US version exists, but if yours is coded for a different country you need to use firmware from the TP-Link site for that country.

Yes - same thing.